Tourist and Archeological sites

From Paganya you can reach the following destinations in a few hours:
- The Palace of Nestor and the Museum in Chora
- The Castle and the Museum of Pylos
- The Castle of Methoni and Choroni

One day trip:
Olympia, the old Messini, Mistà, Sparta, the caves of Diro, Monemvasia and Epidaurus.

The Beaches:
You can walk to beautiful wild beaches: La Buca, long and almost deserted, Glifadaki (fresh water), with 2 tavernas and beach services and many others. In 15 minutes driving you can get to Voidokilias (Belly Cow), the most beautiful beach of the area which is included in the Lagoon Park.

Restaurant and Taverns:
In addition to our Pizza and the typical Italian food, at Romanu and surroundings there are several restaurants and tavernas.
At Teodory’s restaurant, in Gifladaki, with a nice sea view, you can find good fish even at midday. In Petrochori’s central square there is the new restaurant called Gregori’s, very nice, good food, good wine and a magic Greek atmosphere.
In Pylos, there are excellent restaurants to suit all tastes. In Maratopoli, chez Arghiri, you can order an excellent lobster or fish soup.
In Gialova, at Klimataria Restaurant , nicknamed "Kotopolaio" (Poulterer) you can eat an unforgettable grilled chicken.

Info and Reservations:

Giulio Zannetti