Paganya’s water is drinkable, plentiful and rich in minerals.
In addition to the garden which is for common use, each bungalow has its own private courtyard where you can have a rest whenever you want. There is a cute small bar on the terrace where you can have a glass of wine during the evening in front of a beautiful sunset or during the night, while exploring the wonderful starry sky.
You can even enjoy a dinner of Italian style served either on the terrace or in the garden or you can chose a pizza cooked in a wood oven and served under the smelly wisteria’s arbour.

Isolated from the world, but:
In Paganyà you can always find something to eat and drink.
In Romanu you can buy bread, milk and commodities.
In Korifazio (3 kms away from Paganya) there are 3 supermarkets, 2 bakeries , the pharmacy, the butcher, and much more.
Pylos (12 kms away from Paganya) is a tourist centre and you can find everything you may need.

Info and Reservations:

Giulio Zannetti
Email pagania45@libero.it